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Addiction Intervention

Addiction Intervention is a move that many families find themselves discussing as an option of last resort. If your family is researching addiction intervention, you may wish to think about the following:

1. What is the possibility of our loved one either hurting themselves or others if we don't do an intervention?
    a. Driving under the influence
    b. Overdose
    c. Suicide
    d. Placing themselves in bad places with bad people over and over again

2. What is the likelihood of our loved one doing this on their own?
    a. More than likely, "ZERO".

3. Even if they "get clean", what is the likelihood of them staying clean?
    a. Very low percentage. Why? Because drugs and alcohol are not your loved ones problem!
    b. I am willing to bet that their real issue is a "broken heart". If you look at this as a drug problem, you will be
        fighting this for a very long time. Look at prisons for an example. Prisons get people clean. But what happens to
        someone when they re-enter society? Statistics prove that about 90% of them return to the drug or alcohol that
        they were abusing before they were arrested. Why? because jail got them sober. It didn't deal with their sadness.

4. Most families that don't move forward with an addiction intervention do so because of the following three reasons:
    a. They don't want to start something that will only hurt someone's feelings and won't accomplish the goal. In other
        words, they don't think that their loved one will say "yes", therefor it will only muddy up the family waters and cause
        even more resentment and anger in the relationship. Most families that hire us, believe that there is little chance
        of getting their loved ones to accept the help. However, we are currently running a 94% success rate.
    b. They are afraid that if their loved one say's "no" and is forced to live with the ultimatums, the family members
        don't want to have to go through those "tough love" thoughts, actions and emotions. This is a selfish protection
        mechanism. In other words, "I don't want to force my son to make a choice because if he chooses to move out,
        I may never be able to live with myself should something happen to him." If you really look at this sentence, it says
        "I don't want to do what is best for my son because I want to protect myself from feeling a certain way if something
        should happen." read that five times.
    c. They feel that they can't get the family organized. They can't get everyone to agree. Here's my advise. It costs 
        nothing to call. Let us get everyone on board.

We have performed over 75 interventions all throughout the United States. We can help You! But don't take our word. We have over fifty families who have volunteered to speak with you live today and explain their experience with us. We also have numerous professional references around the United States whom which we have performed interventions. Simply contact us and ask for these references and we will get them to you immediately. 

Our Price is simple. $1,500 plus travel. To speed up your search, we are the most affordable intervention service in the United States!  

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